User guidance SOS Rescue

When you download SOS Rescue Me, this image will
appear on your iPhone. The first thing you need to do,
is to specify the phone numbers to those you want to
receive a message in case of distress, and who you
want to be alerted on Facebook to enable them to monitor
your whereabouts. Also enter your local emergency phone
number to alert the police, the firedept, or paramedics / ambulance. Enter the "Settings" button down to the right.

Then this image will appear. Enter your contacts,
emergency phone numbers, alter the standardized
SOS message text if you want, and finally enable the alarm, Facebook, and the app's ability to immediately publish on Facebook photo's taken showing your whereabouts.

When in distress, press the red alarm button.
(See photo above). A message will be sent to your
contacts along with a map showing your whereabouts.
The message will be published by Pop-Up on Facebook
visible for your contacts. SOS Rescue Me will send
your coordinates showing your movements allowing
your contacts to know your exact moves and whereabouts.

When the message is sent, a map showing your exact
whereabouts will appear both on senders and receivers
phone by link, as well as on Facebook. A signal will be sent
frequently to Facebook updating your moves so one can
tell exactly where you are at all times. In serious cases
where you need to be found this function is crucial.

Witness Function. Press the second button from the right,
and a camera will appear on your screen. Press the screen
(not the usual button on top), and a photo is immediately
taken and simultaneously uploaded to Facebook. Useful if
you are in distress yourself and manage to take a photo
of your perpetrator, or if you are an actual witness to an
incident. Can also be used just for immediate uploading of
photos to Facebook showing where you are right now.
Nice function on holiday. Or lost / injured in the wilderness.

If you are stalked, fake an incoming call by pressing
the center button "Fake call". Just set the time (once), -press
"Fake an incoming call in..." and start talking when
the phone rings. This may scare of potential assailants

What you without a doubt will realize when you have
familiarized yourself with the SOS Rescue Me app,
is that this app can help you in many situations.
Both in serious situations where you actually need help
or need to be found, or in harmless situations like just
finding out where you are if you are lost, or just immediate
uploading of photos to Facebook showing your location.
This app can be lifesaving in given situations.
Keep your friends and family safe as well telling them
about this app. Even tell people you don't know yourself
about this app. Maybe your contribution may help avoiding
a serious situation for someone else?
Help spreading the word. Make your contribution to a safer world.

Use below QR-code to download the SOS Rescue Me app to your iPhone if you haven't done so already.